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Fast Data Reduction.  Always.

With LGC Maine Standards, data reduction service is always included with the purchase of VALIDATE? products.  Or, you can instantly analyze your linearity and calibration verification results with our user-friendly data reduction software program, MSDRx?.

The software algorithm and data reduction reports are identical to the data reduction services provided by LGC Maine Standards.  MSDRx? is extremely easy to use and does not require an internet connection.  Simply enter your results into the stand-alone program to instantly view, print and save your linearity reports from your own computer.

Data can also be sent to LGC Maine Standards as often as you need:  six-month checks, retesting, troubleshooting or after your instrument maintenance.  Completed reports will be returned to you within five business days.

Download our MSDRx? Data Reduction Software to instantly view your linearity results.



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